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Spiritual Therapies / Classes

A Word from Dr. Elena Coello-Jemmali

Channie Centara Cha (Channie West) is the Earth Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing. Because of her, we on Earth are now able to access these wonderful tools. Channie teaches us about Universal ways and how to be a happy, grateful human being. She truly is about beauty, love, and light. I truly feel blessed to be one of her students, and to be one of the students of those teachers that she has taught.

White Time Healing

White Time Healing is a spiritual healing art that helps individuals remove negative influences from their lives. Dr. Elena is a teacher and healer for the Board of Angels and offers White Time Healing Classes I and II.

The Board of Knowledge

The Board of Knowledge and all of its signs represents everything, everyone, and all that exists, come to exist, and has been existed in time.

• The Board of Knowledge comes from the very beginning of everything, and it helps people to evolve, grow, and expand in their own perfect timing.

• The Board of Knowledge supports everyone to reach total spiritual Enlightenment. It can never be used in a wrong way—it is safe. 

• The Board of Knowledge is the highest step that one can take that will help them to open up to receive energy, and to remove blockages.

• There exist five Boards of Knowledge, and each Board has 36 signs.

• Board one has more to do with the physical.
• Board two stands for psychological/emotional issues.
• Board three works with the spiritual, and Board four with the divine.
• I am so grateful and humble that now I have the privilege of working with board five, which is the Holy board — the ultimate of precisely everything that exists.
• Every time a sign from any one of the boards is given, it helps the individual to grow towards what is best for them.

The Board of Angels

We live in the 1st Reality. There is something much bigger than the 1st Reality — it is called the 2nd Reality, and it is where the Board of Angels originates. In the 2nd Reality, there is a something called The Board of Knowledge. The Board of Knowledge has 5 Boards with its respective signs. The fact is that The Board of Knowledge and all of its signs represent Everything, Everyone, and All that exists, come to exist, and has existed in time — everything existing in the 1st Reality.

The Board of Angels is included in the Board of Knowledge as a deeper explanation and essence of all the Divine Angel Beings from a higher origin, where all the other boards come from. Through the connection, understanding, and using the Board of Angels, you come in contact not only with this 1st Reality of Angels, but the other Reality Divine Angel beings, too. This connection will give you new possibilities, unexpected solutions, and good ideas that we normally would not get in contact with.

The ones that take this class will work with something so much higher than we can ever understand — much higher than what we normally consider divine and Holy on Earth. There are many uses for the tools that you learn in this class. It allows the giver to be swept into the wonderful world of Angels and to be able to give from the heart, to give out a holy embrace, and to give to people, animals, and nature in all ways. This class is about "care" in truth and in honesty to give from the heart, and to give out in a soft, embracing way — a holy embrace of taking care of people, animals, and nature in all ways. Nothing is too small or insignificant. Nothing is too big or overwhelming. This means that we can work with a single atom, the entire Mother Earth, and the Universe. This class has many uses and fantastic new possibilities to be opened up. The one that works with angels, of course, will work with their own spirituality, growth, and development. You do not need to take any other classes before taking this class. All you need is a pure heart and a strong desire to make a positive impact with love and beauty.

Although our planet is going through a lot of challenges and many of us are wondering about the future, some amazing gifts have been provided for the ones that are open to receive. I am so grateful that the path of becoming a giver is more accessible. If your heart and soul is guiding you toward this goal, please contact me.

Gemstone and Mineral Healing

Everything in our universe is vibrating. Through sympathetic resonance, our frequency can be lifted by the strong vibrations of the stones. By placing stones that work harmoniously with each other on our bodies, we can affect the aura, the psychic, and etheric bodies on a very deep and positive level.

If the energy bodies are out of balance, one may manifest this in the form of both physical and psychological imbalance: disease. The gemstone layouts can correct and heal these imbalances by adding the needed frequency. The different gemstone layouts offer us the possibility to heal on very deep and lasting levels and to open up to experience life with a much higher frequency. This, in turn, translates into joy, love, a positive outlook on life, and development of the mind. The stones, in the right combinations, also assist the body and mind to ground spiritual growth and development so we can fully manifest our wonderful Divine bodies and purposes.

I have been given the gift of teaching our new class of Board of Angels. You do not need to have any background in Boards of Knowledge or Universal White healing to be able to take the class — just purity of heart and real desire to better your own life and have a positive impact on the world around you.

I am offering classes for White Healing Level 1, White Time Healing Level 2, and Board of Angels Givers class. You can contact me for in-person or online classes.

If you are interested in having a long-distance session or Skype session to receive signs or upgrades from Board 3, 4, or 5, or Board of Gems, or Board of Angels, or if you would like to buy board holy water from Board 3, 4, or 5 or Board of Angels, or Board of Gems, please contact me.